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Design capabilities cover a diverse spectrum ranging from mould designs for thermoforming tools to manufacture yoghurt cups to injection moulds for automobile air filters.

Clients are in a position to furnish their own mould designs for manufacture or they may request of The Toolroom Manufacturing to furnish them with these designs.

moulds r2 c1 300x56 - WelcomeAll blow mould and thermo forming tool design is done in house (unless supplied by clients) and roughly 80% of injection moulds are designed in house.

The Toolroom Manufacturing also make use of independent “outside” design experts who specialise in injection mould designs for the food and beverage industry and the automotive industry respectively.

All moulds are manufactured on CNC precision machinery.

Clients are invited to visit our facility during the manufacturing process to (evaluate) the progress being made.

If a visit to our factory is impossible (e.g. for our foreign clients) a weekly report will be furnished on request supplemented with digital imagery of progress.

Facilities are available to us that allow clients to have their newly completed moulds trialled during a sample production run before mould shipment takes place. Moulded product samples can be freighted virtually worldwide with DHL tm for client approval before the mould is freighted.

This facility is only available for small to medium sized injection moulds.